Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yunoïa?

Yunoïa is a B2B platform providing free and premium services to help Game Industry Professionals be more successful on the market. It was created by Sebastien Pacetti, a Games Publishing veteran with 15 years of experience in companies such as Amazon, Ubisoft, GameForge, Koch Media.


Free Services

  • Presentation and Pitch of your Game Project
  • Replying to incoming messages
  • Company pages
  • Messaging projects (Only for Media, Influencers, Publishers and Investors)

Premium Services

  • Indexing your company pages in Business Directory
  • Visibility boosts for projects
  • Messaging Projects
  • Posting Jobs
  • Etc.


What are the benefits as a Game Developer or Studio?

On Yunoïa, you can present your Studio and projects. Yunoïa helps you source the right partners including Media, Publishers and Investors. Presenting your project is completely free, we only ask you to inform us if you sign a deal with people you found thanks to Yunoïa, as we love hearing success stories. We do not ask for finder's fee or other types of compensation.

What are the benefits as a Publishers and Investors?

Yunoïa gives you the opportunity to review easily and very fast hundreds of games. If you find an interesting project, you can contact the owners directly without cost. The only thing we ask is that you inform us if you successfully source games on our platform as we love hearing success stories. We do not ask for finder's fee or other types of compensation.

What are the benefits as a freelancer?

Yunoïa is the only specialized Games Industry Business Directory where you can present your services as a freelancer and find clients easily. We make it easy for Game Developers and potential customers to find and contact you. With our Freelancer pages, you can inform visitors about your services, satisfied customers and advertise your business.

What are the benefits as a service provider?

Yunoïa is the only specialized Games Industry Business Directory where you can present your company's services. We make it easy for Game Developers and potential customers to find and contact you. You can use our company pages to be more visible in our Business Directory and find new customers.

What are the benefits for Media and Influencers?

Yunoïa offers you a way to easily discover new games and track their progress overtime. You no longer have to suffer through a huge mailbox, you can freely browse on Yunoïa hundreds of games in production and be informed of what they offer to Media and Influencers, such as Demos, Keys, Interviews etc. You can freely contact any projects and talk to the developers. You no longer have to go to a hundred of different websites, everything is in one place, up to date and easily accessible.


What is different about Yunoïa?

Yunoïa is a B2B platform providing professionals a different experience than a regular shop or a news website. We have build an exclusive 2 step concept of Viewing (Viewer) and Managing (Dashboard).


By clicking on the Games Menu you can see games in an overview queue (See queue). You can freely browse through the queue to discover new games by clicking Next or Previous. Every time you view a project page you can use the control panel to decide what you want to do with the game project you are viewing (see processing). There are various actions you can take on project pages.


When you want to view games and have selected the appropriate filter for your search, Yunoïa compiles a queue of games for you to explore. The order of the games is based on our proprietary algorithm allowing us to present you the most relevant games first. This algorithm takes into account variables such as Completion of the project page, number of contacts, number of shares and overall interest in the project.

Follow: When you follow a project, this game will be added to your dashboard and it will allow you to find it easily for future reference. While checking the news feed (see newsfeed), you can filter the news with only news related to the projects you follow. Following games also boosts their ranking on the platform. On Dashboard, we are currently expanding the functionalities of what you can do with the games you follow.

Hide: When you hide a project this project will no longer be visible for you, unless you decide to manually unhide it. This can be done by selecting the appropriate option in your dashboard. Hiding project is an effective way for you to disregard games that are not interesting for you.

Contact: You can contact any development team directly by using the contact button. This button opens a message window and the message will be received directly by the project's owner. The contact button is free to use for Media, Publishers and Investors. Other types of users have a limited access to it. The number of contacts per project also boosts its ranking (visibility).

Sharing: You can share a project page present on Yunoïa on social networks. The sharing of pages also boosts their ranking (visibility) on the platform.

Dashboard: Once you have viewed and followed games, those are present in your dashboard. You can also track the news about the projects you follow in the newsfeed. By default, projects are ordered by the release date on the dashboard, allowing you to see which games are coming out soon at first sight and that maybe you should contact. We keep adding new features to the Dashboard helping you to keep track, interact and follow up with projects you are interested in on top of managing your own.


What is a permission based platform?

On Yunoïa, permissions define what information is visible on project pages. There are 4 sets of users that can view your projects.

  • Non Registered
  • Registered
  • Media (Journalists, Influencers)
  • Business (Publishers, Investors)

Each information module in the project editor specify which users can view it. For instance the Business Information module is only visible by Publishers and Investors.


What are the virtual currencies present on Yunoïa?

On Yunoïa you can use 2 virtual currencies called Yunos and Credits. Yunos are earned on the platform by your actions and allow you to access some premium services for free. Credits are purchased through our premium subscription offers coming in Q4 2016.

How can you earn Yunos?

You will find below a non exhaustive list of actions allowing you to earn Yunos.

  • Visiting the platform regularly
  • Viewing projects (coming soon)
  • Completing your project’s description at 100%
  • Updating regularly your project (coming soon)
  • Sharing your project on Social Media
  • People sharing your project
  • Having a lot of visits on your project
  • Inviting your friends to use Yunoïa (See referral link in Ledger)
  • Contacting a Business Page

What can you do with Yunos?

You will find a list of action you can do or will be able to do soon by spending Yunos.

  • Contacting projects
  • Boosting the visibility of your projects
  • Boosting the visibility of your company
  • Get premium services for free


Yunoïa is a company providing tools and services to Games Industry Professionals.


If you have any questions related to our subscription system. Please mail use at [email protected]


There are 3 types of Subscriptions on Yunoïa.

  • Basic: Recommended for Semi-Pro Indie Developers and Freelancers.
  • Business: Recommended for Service Providers, Small Medium Studios and Businesses
  • VIP: Recommended for Game Studios, PR Agencies, Service Providers and Publishers.

Credits : All Subscriptions users receive an amount of Credits as a reward. Those Credits are valid for 12 Months and can be used to access additional services on the platform.
Upgrade: All users can upgrade their subscriptions at anytime and receive the difference in credits (Prorata basis).

Subscriptions Details

  • Projects Visibility: Premium + Boost: This option place your projects on the top of the review queue. The Tier boost allows you to get even more visibility.
  • Premium Filters: Special filters for Media, Publishers and Investors making your project easier to find.
  • Business Directory Visibility: With this option your Business Page will be on the top of its category.
  • Business Directory Services: This indicated the number of subcategories you can list your company under. The more subcategories the more present your are in the Business Directory.
  • News Premium Visibility: The information related to your projects or company in the newsfeed will be featured differently to provide more visibility.

Projects Privacy Settings:

  • Basic Privacy: The information about your project is split between Public Information and Information restricted to Media, Publishers and Investors.
  • Business Privacy: With this option you can create projects that will be visible ONLY to Publishers and Investors. This option is recommended for Studios looking for Business partners.
  • VIP Privacy: With this service, it is up to you to decide who can or cannot access your project’s information. With VIP Privacy you can decide who to invite and how long they can access information about your projects. This option is recommended for sensitive projects and media relations.