Developer or Studios

  • Register a free account
  • Create a free project page
  • Fill the project page (Min 50%)
  • Click Publish!

Your project is now online and visible to Media, Publishers and Investors. If you have questions, email us at [email protected]



The projects are all ranked by Yunoïa’s algorithm in order to present Investors and Publishers the best projects first.

You can boost the ranking of your projects by:

  • Filling your project page to 100%
  • Filling the needs module
  • Having more Contacts/Shares/Follows
  • Premium boosters

Getting contacts

Investors and Publishers can help you to get funding or distribution. Do not forget to indicate that you are looking for a Publisher and Investors in the business module. This might open some interesting opportunities for your project.

Looking for Funding? Give a realistic estimate of the amount of funding you need for your project. Some publishers have limitations on how much money they can invest. Remember that publishers are shopping for content and good deals. Not indicating how much money you are looking for might also impact the interest of potential partners.