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MADSOFT Games, inc.

A small independent game development and publishing studio.

CompanyServices: Game Design
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Akromite Team

GameDev; 3D, 2D Design; Pixel art and more.

CompanyServices: Game Design

Dean Clark

Versatile Creatively and Easy to Work With

FreelancerServices: Writing
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UOL BoaCompra

Latin America's #1 Gaming & Payments Pioneer

CompanyServices: Monetization
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Sphere 9

The idea of Sphere 9 evokes different ideas in all of us.

CompanyServices: Game Design
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Tresreis Games

Trust the game making

CompanyServices: UI/UX
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Christopher Hecht

create. improve. teach.

FreelancerServices: Game Design
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Noah Stavish

Dedicated Game Designer/Level Designer/Writer

Employee/ResumeServices: Game Design
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Morris Stuttard

One of the writers behind the cyberpunk RPG, Dex.

FreelancerServices: Writing
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Thomas Planques

Game Designer, Games for Social Impact!

FreelancerServices: Game Design