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Chance6 Studios, LLC

Fortune Favors the Bold

CompanyServices: Project Management
Development. Investment. Production. Publication.


Test us, you won't be disappointed.

CompanyServices: QA
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App and game localization, translation, video production

CompanyServices: Text Localization
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We create awesome apps for iOS, Android and Web

CompanyServices: Web Development
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Universally Speaking

Multi Award Winning Games Specialist Quality Assurance

CompanyServices: QA
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Oreli Translation

Video Game Localization Specialist

FreelancerServices: Text Localization


Manual and Automated testing

CompanyServices: QA

Translations Gamepare

VideoGame Localization Specialist

CompanyServices: Text Localization
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Anthony Teixeira - English to French Game Localization

Professional localization services by an industry expert

FreelancerServices: Text Localization

Silvia Fornós

AAA Game Localization Mercenary

FreelancerServices: Text Localization