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Expertise, Commitment, Quality, Flexibility - we are TagWizz !

CompanyServices: Music Composition
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Mr. Jamie Thomas Durbin

Honest, informative critique

FreelancerServices: Voice-overs, Voice-acting
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Game reviews, previews, articles and media

CompanyServices: Voice-overs
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Oreli Translation

Video Game Localization Specialist

FreelancerServices: Sound Recording
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Konstantin Glazunov

composer/sound designer/pianist

FreelancerServices: Music Composition
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Good music for your games. Sound design.

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We Love Good & High Quality Sound In Games.

StudioServices: Sounds
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Logrus IT

Translation & Localization Turnkey Solutions

CompanyServices: Voice-overs
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The First Music Production Service With Subscription.

CompanyServices: Music Composition