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Bootsmann Games

Making Games. Creating Art. Doing Jobs.

StudioServices: Production
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Twitch Partner streaming Hearthstone & indie games

My ProfileServices: Production
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App and game localization, translation, video production

CompanyServices: Production
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Asylum House

Create games that connect the world

CompanyServices: Production
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Aleksander Danilov

Visual Designer

FreelancerServices: Production
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Lada Lashneva

Cinematographer & game designer looking for new opportunities

My ProfileServices: Crew, Production, Other
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Faith vs Fate Productions

Creatively brining your vision to life.

My ProfileServices: Production, Crew
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Jason "Skelly" Belec

Just a guy, doing a thing with some other people!

My ProfileServices: Production
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Nelson Alves Jr


My ProfileServices: Production
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The Wonky Spanner Ltd

For the discerning nerd

CompanyServices: Production