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Media for Russian hardcore gamers

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Akromite Team

GameDev; 3D, 2D Design; Pixel art and more.

CompanyServices: Game Design, 3D Modeling, 3D, 2D, Textures
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Nikita Online

The first Russian game company

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A team of inspired game developers

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Red Spot Sylphina

By hardcore gamer, for hardcore gamers.

StudioServices: Game Development, Outsourcing
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Team Rez

Final countdown!

StudioServices: Game Development
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2D, -3D and animation for your projects!

StudioServices: Outsourcing, 3D Modeling
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Silen Games

Eat, sleep, make games, repeat

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CodeBits Interactive

Mobile and PC game development studio.

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Sigma Team

Legendary games since the year 2003!

CompanyServices: Game Development