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Fighting Irish Studios, LLC

2D and 3D Animation Services/Game Development

CompanyServices: Animation 2D
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StarQuarius Studio

Small 2D Indie Studio

FreelancerServices: Animation 2D
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A team of inspired game developers

CompanyServices: Animation 2D
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DawnTrail Games

Game is a medium that can touch the souls.

My ProfileServices: Animation 2D
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Falkana Studio

Indonesia Game Developer

CompanyServices: Animation 2D
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Koreez games

Unity3D/HTML5 games development and 2D/3D art

CompanyServices: Animation 2D
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Petr Sapozhnikov

game's 2d animator

FreelancerServices: Animation 2D
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Spine Animator

2D Animator

FreelancerServices: Animation 2D
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Nikolay Kolev

Freelance 2D Game Artist

FreelancerServices: Animation 2D
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However Studio

Independent game developing studio

StudioServices: Animation 2D