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Oreli Translation

Video Game Localization Specialist

FreelancerServices: Audio Localization
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Logrus IT

Translation & Localization Turnkey Solutions

CompanyServices: Audio Localization
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Levsha Localization

Only games loc, only hardcore

CompanyServices: Audio Localization
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CompanyServices: Audio Localization
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Regional Localization Service Provider

CompanyServices: Audio Localization
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For the very best in game localization, follow the star!

CompanyServices: Audio Localization
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Estudio Eclipse

Voice Over - Dubbing - Voice Acting for Brazilian Portuguese

StudioServices: Audio Localization
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Input Studio

Content and Audio Localization & Production

CompanyServices: Audio Localization
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LingoSpell Ltd

Imagine a world without language boundaries

CompanyServices: Audio Localization
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Jorge Ojeda - English to Spanish (LATAM) Video Game Localization

Video Game Translation, Proofreading and Localization Services.

FreelancerServices: Audio Localization