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gamigo group

Publishing MMOGs since 2001

CompanyServices: Licensing/IP
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The Powell Group

An experienced team that helps your company succeed.

CompanyServices: Licensing/IP
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Tagstar Publishing

Helping you make successful games & build communities

CompanyServices: Licensing/IP
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We help Indie Dev Partners get their games in the market

CompanyServices: Licensing/IP
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Libredia GmbH

Real Self-Publishing Solution

CompanyServices: Licensing/IP
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BlackMoon Design

Great Html5 games available for licensing

CompanyServices: Licensing/IP
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Creative services and IP creation.

StudioServices: Licensing/IP
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Jérémy Fontaine

Brand Acquisitions Licensing

FreelancerServices: Licensing/IP
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Royalty-Free Music

CompanyServices: Licensing/IP
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Apocalypse Hunters

Development of unique location based and AR mobile games

StudioServices: Licensing/IP