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We Love Good & High Quality Sound In Games.

StudioServices: Sounds

Hexany Audio

Music, Sound, & Dialogue for Games

CompanyServices: Sounds

Epic Soap Games


CompanyServices: Sounds
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Yassine Khaled

Composer / Sound Designer / Percussionist

FreelancerServices: Sounds
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The Record House

Original Music & Outstanding Audio Production

CompanyServices: Sounds
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Vlad Plotnikov

Sound-Designer / Composer

FreelancerServices: Sounds
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Gennady Medvedev

Sound Design / Music / Wwise Implementation

FreelancerServices: Sounds
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Thiago Dametto

the Audio guy 4 Visual things

FreelancerServices: Sounds
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NEVER ON A THURSDAY - Music Management

Curious producers working online with audio post-production.

FreelancerServices: Sounds
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G4F Group

Audio / Localization / Marketing / Motion Capture and more!

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