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We create awesome apps for iOS, Android and Web

CompanyServices: Web Development
Applifting can help you with building the next app accompanying your game. Be it a player portal, online shop or HUD on the tablet, we've got you covered!
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Oreli Translation

Video Game Localization Specialist

FreelancerServices: Web Development
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Full-stack web development team for your business

CompanyServices: Web Development
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e-commerce web development

CompanyServices: Web Development
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Jean-François RENAULD

Prélude Prod

FreelancerServices: Web Development
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Andreas Lopez

I increased a company's monthly sales by 50-100k

FreelancerServices: Web Development
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Professional Nerd

My ProfileServices: Web Development
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The Wonky Spanner Ltd

For the discerning nerd

CompanyServices: Web Development
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Naked Penguin Boy

Engaging People!

CompanyServices: Web Development
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I just love to make video games :)

FreelancerServices: Web Development