Can I present my game on Yunoïa for free?


How can I do that?

First of all you have to create an account, then you can build a page for each of your games. No certification or billing information required!

Can I present more than one game on your platform?

You can create a page for any number of your game projects for free.

Can I manage the visibility of my game on Yunoïa?

You have full control of the content of your game page. It is also up to you to decide when you want to publish (make visible) and unpublish your project.

Can I still negotiate with people outside of the platform?

Yes, there is no exclusivity, you can communicate freely with anyone you want. You are not limited in any way.

If I sign a deal with a Publisher / Investor that contacted me via Yunoïa, do I have to pay you a fee?

No. There is no cost nor commission fee. It is completely free. If you sign a contract with the help of Yunoïa, we will just be very happy to hear about it! If you want to know more about our business model, see "What is your business model?".

Am I giving away anything about my game, my IP or my company?

No, you share information you enter to Yunoïa only with groups of users specified in the editor. All intellectual property remains yours.

Do I retain all my IP rights?


How can I improve the visibility of my game on the platform?

We use a complex algorithm using multiple factors to sort the games on our platform. Amongst other things, the completion rate of your page and how often it is shared do influence the ranking of your project on the platform.

How can I improve my visibility on the platform?

To improve the visibility of all your projects and of your studio overall, don’t forget to create a page for your studio in our Business Directory. See also « How can I improve the visibility of my game on the platform »

Can you talk about my game on social media?

While we can’t promise to talk about all the games presented on the platform, we do our best to share as many updates about the new game projects to discover on Yunoïa as possible on our social media accounts. If we talk about your game, don’t forget to share, like, favorite or retweet the update on your own account!

However, we only share projects that are visible to everyone, hidden projects stay secret (See Levels of visibility for more information)!

Will you add more filters? Yes, we plan to add more filters to the platform later this year as Yunoïa and the pool of projects grow.

What is your business model?

Soon, we will offer optional premium and subscription services for our users. See Levels of visibility for more information.

What are the 3 levels of visibility?

Level 1 - Yunoïa for all: This is the default and free option. Parts of your project's information can be viewed by all users. Some information can only be viewed by certified Publishers and Investors. In the project editor, you can see which parts are visible to whom. Please note that Publishers and Investors have access to both Business and Media information.

Level 2 - Yunoïa Business: This is a premium service allowing users to set their complete projects information to be visible only to certified Publishers and Investors. This mode is useful to present confidential projects to new publishers and investors.

Level 3 - Yunoïa VIP: This is a premium service allowing VIP users full control over the access of their page and especially designed for confidential projects. This service is available upon request for VIP users only. To know more about this offer please contact us at [email protected]