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PRAGUE, 20th September 2016 - Yunoïa, a new start-up announces, an online B2B platform that aims to connect Game Studios and Developers with Media, Publishers and Investors from around the world. This new service gives an easy access to the very best resources and contacts required to fund, produce, publish, promote and market games on a global scale. Yunoïa is created by Sebastien Pacetti, former Amazon and Ubisoft executive with 15 years of Game Publishing experience to design and develop tools and services for Games Industry Professionals.

On Yunoïa, Game Studios and Developers can already present their projects and deal directly with interested Media, Publishers and Investors without paying any commission or agency fee. The platform also provides a place for Service Providers, Freelancers and Job Seekers to present their services, portfolio and details for free. Additionally, journalists and influencers can find the tools to track updates of the games that they follow and be granted special access to exclusive content; such as demos, interviews, key assets and Steam keys

Within less than two months since the Early Access version was soft-launched, Yunoïa has already welcomed to its platform over 300 studios, with hundreds of games projects covering all genres and platforms (incl. mobile, PC, consoles and VR). Yunoïa has also attracted over 50 global and local registered publishers looking for games. On top of those small and major publishers such as Perfect World (Star Trek Online and Livelock), 1C, Plug-In Digital are already utilizing Yunoïa services to present their games.

Yunoïa aims to increase continuously the selection of games presented on its platform to satisfy the very wide range of needs expressed by the current and new publishers using the platform. Publishers and Investors on Yunoïa are looking for projects of all shapes and sizes - going from small casual games, to ambitious hardcore games with multi million dollars’ production budgets. The biggest productions presented on Yunoïa today are produced in North America and have budgets approaching $10M USD.

Business Model: Yunoïa will operate with a freemium business model, with optional subscription plans.

For more information about Yunoïa, please visit or contact us directly at [email protected].

Yunoïa is a SaaS start-up created in 2016 in Prague Czech Republic (Reg.ID: 04017951).

About Mr Pacetti: Sebastien Pacetti is a senior executive with an extensive international experience in digital publishing. He has worked the past 15 years in Game Publishing with a focus on digital publishing and platforms. At Amazon he headed the EMEA Digital Distribution of Software and Video Games and at Ubisoft worked the company’s digital distribution platform uPlay and on top selling game The Division as Business Development Director.

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