1.1. Purpose of Privacy Policy

When using the www.yunoia.com (“Website”), you provide us with your personal data. In this Privacy Policy you will learn what kinds of your personal data we collect, for what purpose and how do we process them. Please take your time to read through this Privacy Policy so that you are duly informed about the handling of your personal data by Yunoïa and about possibilities of increasing your privacy protection. We are committed to respecting your privacy and do not want to process your information in any ways you are not comfortable with.

1.2. Data controller

The personal data processed under this Privacy Policy are controlled by YUNOÏA s.r.o., a company established and existing under the laws of the Czech Republic, with registered office at Prague 1, Jungmannova 23/11, post code 110 00, Czech Republic, company Id. No (IČO): 054 94 061, registered in the Commercial Register, kept with Municipal Court in Prague in Section C Entry No. 264625.

1.3. Part of User Agreement

This Privacy Policy constitutes an inseparable part of the User Agreement and shall be interpreted with regard hereto, including terms used in this Privacy Policy. When accepting this Privacy Policy, you must be over the Minimum Age as defined by the User Agreement.

1.4. Applicable law

The privacy policy is governed by the laws of the Czech Republic, including Act No. 101/2000 Sb., on the Personal Data Protection, as amended.

1.5. Your consent

By entering, accessing, browsing, submitting information to or otherwise using the Website, you express your consent with the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, please refrain from using the Website in any way.

1.6. Users’ support

If you have any questions regarding use or security of your personal data handled by us, you can contact as at: [email protected]


2.1. Definition

Personal data is such information that on its own or in combination with other available information can be used to identify you (such as you name, address, telephone number, e-mail address etc.) or used as information connected directly or indirectly to your person (such as activities on the Website linked to your account or your device). Non-personal data is information that cannot be connected to your person, e.g. the number of visitors of the Website during a month or any other kind of statistical data.

2.2. Your access to personal data

As a registered Member or even a Visitor of the Website, you can ask us to provide you with the overview of your personal data used by us at any time. Should the processing of your request require higher than usual administrative costs, we may ask you to cover the costs first or agree on specification of your request. Please note that we may verify your identity before we start processing your request. We may also refuse to comply with requests that are repeated unreasonably often, require unreasonable technical measures or pose a risk of breach of privacy of other Website users.

2.3. Update of personal data

As a data controller, we are obliged to process only up-to-date personal data. We therefore ask you to keep the information in your profile up-to-date and actualize them on a regular basis. Should you find out that any of your personal information is incorrect and you cannot change it yourselves, please notify us immediately so that we can correct it without undue delay. Please note that failure to provide us with accurate and updated information may constitute a breach of Users Agreement which may result in immediate blocking or even closure of your account by us.

2.4. Your rights

You may ask us to correct, block or delete any personal data you have given us and we will do so unless we are required to store such data for statutory reasons. However, even in these cases we will no longer use the stored data for our own purposes. Please note that the same applies when you decide to close your account – certain personal data of yours may be still stored in our systems even afterwards.


The Website operated by Yunoïa is a platform connecting professionals in gaming industry. For doing so effectively (including the mediation of the most appropriate contacts), we need to collect and use certain range of your personal data. The aim of this Privacy Policy is to transparently explain what kinds of personal data we collect from you when use the Website and how we handle it.

3.1. Whose data we collect

The personal data we collect come from the use of the Website – we process personal data of both Visitors as well as Members with the registered account who voluntarily decide to disclose us their personal information in a greater extent. This Privacy Policy therefore applies to any Member or Visitor to the Website.

3.2. What data we collect

We use various technologies to collect information about your interaction with the Website to continuously enhance the Services and tailor the Website to your personal needs. We also interconnect various categories of information in order to learn more about you as our valued customer. In general, we collect

a. Information we obtain when you use the Website. When using the Website (no matter as an unregistered Visitor or a registered Member), our server will collect information about your connection to our website such as your IP address, the website from which you were referred to our website (e.g. if you followed a link), the browser you are using and its display setting or your network provider.

When using the Website, the server will also collect information about/from your device such as type and model of the device and its operating system or your time-zone. This includes a geo-location of your device provided location services are enabled on your device.

During your visit of the Website, your activities are monitored by our system. This includes date and duration of your session/visit, the contents you view or click at including advertisements and your interaction with them or log information on your usage of Services.

We also use cookies and other identifiers which includes sending cookies and similar identifiers to your device. Cookies are small text files placed on your device to help a website to provide better user experience. Cookies are used for instance to retain user preferences or remember your choices at the Website. Even though cookies will make your browsing experience better, you can control or even disable them through your browser settings and other tools. By using the Website, you express your consent to the placement of cookies in your browser.

To analyze our effectivity, we use Google Analytics, a web analysis service operated by Google Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies stored on your device and allows us for analysis of your visit to the Website as information about your visit produced through cookies is transferred and stored on a server operated by Google. Afterwards Google analyzes this information and provides us with report on the Website and Services usage. By using the Website, you express your consent to the processing of your data collected by Google as described above. Further personal data will only be stored and processed if you voluntarily provide it to us, e.g. when creating the account at the Website.

b. Information you disclose to us when opening a registered account at the Website and becoming a Member and further information you state in your profile. This includes, without limitation, your full name, e-mail address, phone number, your company name and business address as well as your login information. This information is used to provide the Services and for further communication with you. With further development of the Services, we will also collect payment information such as bank transfer and credit card details or PayPal account information. A decision to disclose us any information deemed sensitive by applicable law fully lies within your free discretion.

By providing us your personal data when you create or use your account, you express your consent to the processing of this personal data under this Privacy Policy. You may withdraw or modify this consent at any time by changing your account settings or closing of the account with exceptions stated in this Policy. You can also contact us via e-mail at: [email protected]

You may choose the extent of the information you provide us with. However, without a complete profile at the Website, you may not be able to enjoy the full range of our Services.

c. Information you voluntarily upload at the Website. Our Services allow messaging and sharing of information in many ways. As we inform you also in the User Agreement, when you share or post information (including comments on sponsored content), it may be seen by other Members or, if public, by Visitors. Where we have made settings available, we will honor the choices you make about who can see content or information (e.g. sharing to the Publisher and not to the Media) and help you manage your content from public to a more restricted view, limiting your project pages visibility. However, we are not obligated to publish any information or content at the Website and can remove it in our sole discretion, with or without prior notice.

d. Your communication with us. If you contact us via our contact form, internal mail, e-mail or any other way, we will store our communication history as well as information you submit to us in the course of our communication.


4.1. Purpose of personal data use

We will use the personal data we collect from you when you use the Website for the following purposes: - for provision of our current Services and development of new types of Services; - for adjustment of the Website contents to your personal needs or according to your location; - to evaluate users’ interests and behavior when using the Website in order to deliver tailored content; - to show targeted advertisements at the Website based on your browsing activities and interest and other information you made available to us; - for administration of the Website and for statistical analysis of usage of the Website; - to monitor the quality of the Services and to detect and prevent fraudulent use; - for protection of Yunoïa, Members and Visitors.

4.2. Means and manner of the data processing

The collected personal data will be processed electronically by automatized means. The personal data will be handled either by management or staff of Yunoïa or by external partners of Yunoïa (for more information to external processing see the following section).


5.1. We will keep your personal data collected during your use of the Website private, with exception of the following cases:

a. You give us your consent to share the data. Please note that certain activities (such as uploading demos) at the Website may be considered giving consent to public sharing of the related personal data. The Website will always inform you of that prior to enabling you to carry out such activity. Also please note if you decide to share your feedback on the Services with us, we may use and share such feedback including making it public.

b. For the purpose of provision of our Services at the top quality, we may entrust our trustworthy external partners with external processing of the data according to our instructions and this Privacy Policy. When handing out your personal data to our external partners to perform assignments on our behalf, we will always bound our partners by confidentiality agreements and obligation to keep the personal data secured at least to the same extent as we do. In an exceptional event of any kind of violation of data protections laws we will be liable jointly and severally with our external partner.

c. Should there be any corporate change in the structure of Yunoïa. In that case, the personal data may be handed over to the new owner of Yunoïa about which you will be notified in advanced.

d. For legal reasons.

e. If it is necessary to enforce the User Agreement or protect the rights, property or safety of Yunoïa or other users of the Website.

5.2. Your personal data will never be stored on servers placed outside EU countries.


6.1. Information about Services

By registering your account at the Website you authorize us to send you information about our Services which may be of interest to you. Should you decided that you no longer wish to receive such information, you can tell us so in the settings of your account by unsubscribing the information mail.

6.2. Other information

Please note that even if you unsubscribe the marketing communications, you may still receive e-mails from us that are not of a marketing nature but rather relate to operation of the Website.


Please note that we cannot be responsible for respecting your privacy by any third party, including, without limitation, other users of the Website. When you leave the Website or view a third party’s site through the Website by following a link from the Website, we recommend to make yourself familiar with a privacy policy of each such site as this Privacy Policy does not apply to the third parties’ websites.


8.1. Confidential information

When using the Website as a certain category of a Member, you might be granted access to information of other Members designated as confidential. This includes, without limitations, information on Projects, Companies, Games, Hardware, Financial, Business information, Contracts, Downloadable content, images, videos.

8.2. Confidentiality obligation

You agree not to disclose such confidential information without our prior written consent and keep strict confidentiality with regard to such confidential information. You are also obliged to protect the confidential information so that it may not be acquired or accessed by unauthorized third parties, whether directly or indirectly. You agree that you will refrain from using or attempting to use the confidential information for own your benefit or needs or for the benefit or needs of any third party in a manner which would contradict any legislation or could in any way harm the owner of the confidential information. These obligations survive the deletion of your account and remain effective as long as any breach of them may cause any harm to the Member this confidential information is related to. In case of a single breach of your confidentiality obligation, you agree to pay a contractual penalty in the amount of USD 100,000 (hundred thousand). By paying the contractual penalty, the entitlement for damages remains unaffected.

8.3. Exclusions

A breach of your confidentiality obligations does not arise if such information has become publicly known through no breach of your own, has been rightfully received by you from a third party or required to be disclosed by law or by a governmental authority.


9.1. Storage period

We store the personal data we collect from you for the whole time of existence of your account unless you delete them or expressly asks us to do so. We may also store certain personal data after you close your account should this be necessary for our compliance with legal regulations, fraud or other crimes prevention or assertion of our rights or rights of other Website users, but no longer than for 10 (ten) years after you close your account.


10.1. Security

We take your privacy seriously and use secure servers to store your personal data that we closely monitor for possible vulnerabilities. We use security measures corresponding to the highest modern standards and apply strict procedures to protect your data against unauthorized access, disclosure, misuse or loss of your personal data. However, like everyone else, we cannot guarantee complete security of any information that you transmit to us – any transmission is at your own risk. Please note that provided we use all reasonable efforts to protect your personal data, we shall not be liable for any unauthorized access, disclosure or other misuse of the data caused by breach of our security measures.

10.2. Password

You are obliged to keep the login information to your account including your password confidential. You should also use only strong passwords and log off your account once you finish your session. In the event of loss of your password or suspicion of an unauthorized access to your account, please inform us immediately.

10.3. Communication at Website

Please note that any communication sent via the Website is not encrypted and we strongly recommend not to send any confidential information through these means.


11.1. Regular updates

We reserves our right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time at our discretion to reflect the legal, technical and other developments as well as changes in our Services. Therefore, we ask you to check this Privacy Policy on a regular basis. If we make an amendment to this Privacy Policy that we see as material, we will notify you by posting notice at the website and at this page and/or by sending you an e-mail. If you continue to use the Website after 15 (fifteen) days since we publish a notice about the update of the Privacy Policy and/or after you receive our notification e-mail, it is deemed as your consent with the amended Privacy Policy.

11.2. Last update

This Privacy Policy was last updated on Jan 12th, 2017.